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The TerraGrip™ Yoga Mat

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Introducing the world’s most grippy yoga mat!

The TerraGrip™ yoga mat is designed for yogis of all levels.

Made from sustainable materials, it features the unique AsanaAlign™ system for improved alignment, and an ultra-grip surface for your best practice yet.

Ultimate Grip. Extreme grip surface wicks away moisture and offers stability as you move from pose to pose.

Challenge Your Body. Our signature AsanaAlign™ system helps you deepen poses, stay in alignment, and push your practice to the next level.

Stay Protected. AsanaAlign™ markings make it easy to find your balance and re-align yourself in any pose, preventing possible injury.

More Space to Stretch. An extra-long and extra wide surface means you have a more room to move.

Earth-Friendly. Say no to toxic materials, heavy metals, or PVC. The TerraGrip™ mat is also anti-microbial, vegan-friendly and 100% biodegradable.

Find the confidence to keep your asanas soaring.

Complimentary carrying strap included in every order.

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Dimensions - 183cm (72”) x 68cm (27”)

Thickness - Approx 4.4mm

Weight - 2.5kg

Material - Organic rubber and environmentally friendly engineered eco-polyurethane


Designed and engineered in London, UK, we operate in UK, Europe, Asia, and USA. All Yoga Mats are shipped from the warehouse closest to your location

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