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May 11, 2020 3 min read 0 Comments

Now that we can't get to the yoga studio for our dose of zen, we have to find ways of re-creating that at home. There are lots of yoga classes and resources available online however, on the flipside of this we have the issue of creating a distraction free home yoga space that enables you to actually progress and learn. So, here are some tips to help you create your own yoga space.

1. Banish Technology

With the exception of the device you are using to watch yoga class, banish everything else. Remove your mobile phone so you won't be tempted to check your emails and texts. If you are not using a video but just practising from memory a soothing backing track is acceptable but don't try and do your yoga practise whilst catching up on your soaps or watching the latest box sets.

2. Have Enough Space

Okay, you may not have a yoga studio at your disposal, but you do need to have enough space to move and stretch without kicking the wall or crashing into the bookcase. It really doesn't matter which room of the house you use; your yoga mat is designed to be moveable so take it where the space is. Perhaps in the summer you could even consider yoga on the grass in your garden.

3. Watch the Temperature

A successful yoga practise can only be born in a temperate room. It is really hard to concentrate if you're freezing cold and is no fun if you're boiling hot. Consider a duvet or blanket for your relaxation and have a fan or window that can be opened should it get too hot.

4. Let There Be light

Light goes hand in hand with energy, a very bright space will encourage an upbeat energetic yoga practise while a low-lit room is perfect for restorative yoga. Consider this when creating your yoga space. Candles are perfect for atmosphere and low lighting. They can also be used in breath work and meditation as a focus as the flame flickers. The environment is perfect for helping you with this. You can do your energetic yoga as the sun rises and the light increases and your restorative yoga just before you go to bed.

5. Ask for Quiet

There are times, when even if there are only two or three people living in the house with you it can feel as if you are constantly interrupted. It is time to declare your intent and ask your housemates, significant other, children; whoever you share your living space with, to give you 5 minutes. For parents of young children this might mean waiting until they are in bed and even then, there's an element of crossing your fingers and hoping they don't wake up. But by all means ask for some space and quiet.

6.Keep Props by Your Side

You get 10 minutes to enjoy your yoga practise, and wish you had your yoga strap. So, you stop and go and find it. On the way you meet a child who wants a snack, the phone rings, and your social media pings from the phone you left on the kitchen side. Suddenly yoga practise becomes a thing of the past. Take everything you need with you to avoid interruption.